Niel Pepers helps organizations to position themselves clearly with the BrandPersona © model. It defines a brand in a human way: simple, accessible and applicable. The personality fits the organization, appeals to customers and is distinctive in the market

The ambition

is what drives you as an organisation. It’s the reasons you get out of bed every morning. All stakeholders share this ambition, it is what connects and attracts them. The ambition is also called the “why” or “purpose”.

The promise

is what makes customers happy. It is this promise that you have to live up to every time and that others can’t get enough of.

The values

are leading in how you do things. In your own way. The more often you apply them, the stronger and more recognizable you become as an organisation. All values must be indispensable for the realization of the ambition and the promise.

As an example you can see a comprehensive BrandPersona© for Bright-future. This way we get to know each other better.


Niel Pepers has over 12 years experience in developing and implementing strategy in organizations. He guided numerous teams formulating ambitious strategic plans. From organization strategy to department plans, from sales to HR and from logistics to IT, on all conceivable topics he has proven his value multiple times.


In his approach Niel Pepers combines  the worldwide successful OGSM methodology with the universal principles from “The Seven Habits” by Stephan Covey. This provides an unprecedented powerful approach in which ambition is developed and translated into concrete actions, linked to people and deadlines. In this way a balance is created between what is really important in the long term and “the issues of the day”. In 4 half-days, Niel Pepers takes a board or (management)team through an intensive process that results in a clear strategic plan. This leads to ownership, involvement and a better result.

These organizations went before you:
BAM, Cordaid, Eneco, Omega Pharma, Stedin, Smilde Foods, Stegeman, Strukton Worksphere, Menken Orlando, The Greenery, TNO, Stiho and many others.

Niel Pepers helps organizations innovate. In the short term and structurally. This often starts by organizing the innovation process itself. Not by the book, but in a way that fits the needs of the organization, the capabilities of the employees, the market and the customers.

Customer centric innovation

Depending on the quality and capacity present in the organization, the innovation process can be fully facilitated, whereby employees from different disciplines are connected and consulted at the right time. It is also possible that an innovation team is supported in a role as innovation coach.

Focus areas:

Ultimately, the image of your company is manmade as every experience is the result of employee behaviour. The idea of Employee Engagement is that all your employees understand what your organization stands for and are aligned with its purpose. Only then your brand comes to life throughout the organization and will people experience the difference.

Employee Engagement

You cannot outsource Employee Engagement; it’s something every employee has to get involved in. A little help to kick start the process is often welcome.

Niel Pepers helps to start Employee Engagement in organizations. By creating support on every level and developing content that fits the organization. Where necessary, the process is supported and employees are trained to make the company self-sufficient.

Niel Pepers coaches from a long-term business perspective. Being successful in the long term is the starting point. As a brand, as an organization, as a team and personally. Of course we will also encounter personal issues. They are not avoided, but seen as opportunities that lead to better performance, better results and more fun.

Business coaching is a proven concept that starts with an intensive introductory period in which the business, the person, the context and the objectives are central. Afterwards, the coaching consists of a monthly session in which we look back and forward and new challenges are discussed and tackled.

Niel Pepers alternates different roles. He coaches, thinks along, to help you crack the tough nuts and realize your ambition.

Bright Future

Bright future

Is the future clear to you? Do you have an exact idea on where you want to stand in that future? As an organization, as a brand, as a person? And do you have a plan to arrive there first?

Niel Pepers

Getting to the core is what Niel does best. He is conceptually strong and brings complex matters back to the essence. With great energy and humor he leads workshops in which the discovery, articulation and realization of ambition is focal.

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Bright Future


You probably noticed them, organizations that stand out in a natural way. Everything they do seems to make perfect sense. Effortlessly they distinguish themselves from others, they are relevant and appealing to their customers. How do they do that?

Successful organizations have a firm grasp of who they are, why they are here, and what they have to offer. That sounds easy, but it’s not. It requires choices. These choices give an organization or brand direction, strength and speed. If you don’t choose you won’t get chosen.

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Does your organization have a clearly formulated ambition? And are all departments, activities and employees daily focused on bringing that ambition closer? Or is everyone swamped with “the issues of the day”?

You achieve more with a clear plan. A plan in which an appealing ambition is elaborated step by step up to action level. Niel Pepers has the ability to reduce complex matter to simple choices. He masters the craft to lead discussions and translate them into valuable insights. To forge good intentions into powerful decisions and operational plans.

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Where does your future growth come from? The world is changing faster and faster and the question is whether you are leading the way and are shaping the change, or being overtaken by it?

Niel Pepers works with clients on innovation. Big ideas that can potentially change a market. But also on well-thought-out incremental improvements by fulfilling customer needs based on a brands promise.

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Employee Engagement

The war on talent has erupted in full force. Is your organization on the winning team, or is it increasingly difficult to keep your best people and attract new ones?

The modern employee is looking for engagement. He chooses an employer he feels connected with, with whom he shares a common ambition. A worthwhile goal, next to making money. Niel Pepers helps organizations to define their purpose, what it is they contribute to society and communicate this to their current workforce and the job market.

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Executive & Business Coaching

How often does the daily workload get the better of you and make  Monday’s good intentions not survive the week? How often do you distance yourself to really contemplated and further matters that are essential for the long term?

Niel Pepers coaches entrepreneurs, managers and young potentials in discovering, articulating and achieving their ambition. An independent outsider whom you can speak freely to, who questions you so your ideas become thought-through plans upon which you can act.

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Design Thinking

In pre-university Niel Pepers opted for wood-shop next to mathematics, physics and economics. He still wonders why, but from a very early age he had a strong drive to not only conceive ideas, but also to realize them. Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical university in Delft was the perfect place to further develop his conceptual and creative power. During his career he followed Brandmanagement course in Groningen and later also Business Strategy.

Entrepeneurship in the blood

Niel Pepers has been an entrepreneur since 1999. After a management buyout, he led a leading brand & packaging design agency for 7 years and was a 7-year partner at a top brand and strategy consultancy. Since 2013 he is founder and owner of Bright-future BV.

Long-term value creation

In his approach he always manages to establish the connection between the strength of an organization and customer value. In his workshops he effortlessly combines process and content and leads teams to a common goal.